England’s Chief Medical Officer ‘considering taxing unhealthy foods’

England’s Chief Medical Officer is considering recommending a tax hike on unhealthy food, she has revealed.

Professor Dame Sally Davies has been tasked with urgently reviewing what actions can be taken to meet the government target of halving childhood obesity by 2030.

One idea includes a sugar tax, which would see the price of high-calorie foods like pizza and cake increase, as well as that of baby foods containing added sugar.

Yet the food industry has always insisted that such taxes will fail to alter consumer behaviour.

Speaking to BBC News, Dame Sally said she is not “anti-fun”, but that she will be “as bold as I can be” when it comes to tackling childhood obesity.

She added that she doesn’t want the “basket of food parents buy” to cost more, but would like to incentivise parents to purchase healthy food for their families.

"Maybe we have to subsidise them by charging more, by taxing unhealthy food,” she said. "Parents are then nudged to buy the healthy version because it's cheaper."